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Bethsaida Fixed Savings Account

BFS account does not charge any fees. Interest is rather earned

BFS ACCOUNT is BETHSAIDA’s investment account specifically tailored to meet the needs of our retail clients who seek higher returns for their investment as compared to bank savings and treasury securities. It consists of periodic contributions by account holders that are pooled and invested into Fixed Income Instruments that are liquid over a stated investment horizon.


  • BFS account does not charge any fees. Interest is rather earned
  • It is open to all individuals and institutions.
  • Regular payment of any amount more than #1,000.
  • Higher returns than any bank savings account or treasury bills.


  • Highly secured investment with a reputable institution. You will not lose your money when you invest with BETHSAIDA.
  • Higher returns on investment.
  • Ease and convenience ( our mobile staff bring our services to your doorstep).
  • No transaction fees.
  • Access to professional investment management.


  • One passport picture
  • A valid national ID.
  • A completed form.
  • An initial deposit.


Esusu collectors deduct (charge) contributors every month and pay no interest on contributions. This BFS Account does not charge any fees.

This investment product is open to all individuals and institutions either In the private or public sector and profit or nonprofit organization.

This investment is structured to suit your earning capability. Investors have an option of selecting how often they would like to contribute. The following minimums apply for the three options of frequency: daily #1,000 and monthly #5,000

The BFS Account gives higher returns than any bank savings account or Treasury bill rate. The interest rate for your investment also changes when T-bill rates change. Depending on your investment horizon (91 days, 182days or 1 years or 1 years), you will earn the corresponding T-bill rate plus 100basis points (1%).

There are NO MONTHLY CHARGES on your BFS Account. Investors who wait till the maturity of their investment incur no charges upon redemption. However, an investor who makes withdrawals before their investment matures will not earn full interest. It’s good to note that under no circumstance will your investment be lower than the principal amount upon withdrawal.

You can request anytime you feel hard pressed or need your funds/interest earned. However as an investment tool, it is suggested that you stick to your investment horizon to maximize returns.

For your convenience and planning purposes, you will be notifies by the mobile staff two weeks in advance when your investment is about to mature so that the appropriate action can be taken..

All refunds are made through our corporate account at The Trust Bank. Just notify the mobile staff during their working hours to complete a request form. Alternatively, you can walk into our offices and complete a request form. Your cheques will be presented to you within two working days.

To open an account, you will need the following:

A completed application form (obtainable from mobile staff or BETHSAIDA offices in Lagos or any other location)

Two passport size pictures

Your initial deposit depending on your contribution frequency (daily #500, weekly#1,000 and monthly #5,000)

A valid Picture ID (Driver’s License, Voter’s ID, NHIS Card OR Passport)

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