BETHSAIDA CLASSIC INVESTMENT PLAN is a liquid product designed for any individual or company that seeks attractive returns on investments. The plan affords investors the opportunity to earn interest on their investments in periodic intervals- monthly or quarterly; or compound the interest and earn it with the principal when the investment matures.

This product accommodates everyone,

  • Salary earners,
  • SMEs
  • HNIs and Corporates


  • The returns are subject to 10% Statutory With-holding Tax (WHT)
  • Minimum Investment amount is N500,000
  • Investment is available in 90, 120, 180, 364, 2 years, 5 years tenures
  • Flexible entry and exit
  • Early Termination is allowed with a penal charge of 25% on accrued interest. Part liquidation is also allowed
  • Cash , Cheque, Bankers Draft or Bank Transfers accepted.


  • Upon maturity, principal and interest will automatically be rolled over unless instructed otherwise.
  • Investment can be re-discounted during any time of the investment tenor.
  • Statements are sent every quarter and are also available upon request.
  • Guaranteed interest rates.


  • One passport picture
  • A valid national ID.
  • A completed form.
  • An initial deposit.

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