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Bethsaida Provident Fund scheme

Bethsaida Provident Fund scheme is voluntary contributions received from employers for amounts contributed by employees of the above-mentioned scheme in addition to the mandatory contributions. This helps employees have access to additional funds in their retirement.


BETHSAIDA Personal Pension Plan

The BETHSAIDA Personal Pension Plan, is a specially designed savings plan for you to make provisions for your retirement. Whether you have or do not have a workplace pension, this can be a good way of securing a retirement income.


BETHSAIDA Informal Sector Pension Scheme

The BETHSAIDA Informal Sector Pension Scheme is a voluntary, contributory pension scheme designed principally for workers in the informal sector, which provides members with benefits that are based exclusively on their contributions.

Any payment by a member is divided into two equal parts, credited to two separate individual sub-accounts viz. Occupational Scheme Account and Retirement Account. The Occupational Scheme Account serves as a form of savings account from which the contributor can withdraw after 5 months of initial contributions provided the account has a credit balance.

The Retirement Account, however, is a pensions account and a member is permitted to withdraw only when any of the following contingencies occur: Old-Age, Death or Disability.


  • Individuals that are not in group schemes can save for retirement
  • Formal or Informal Organized Groups (Drivers Association, Market Women Association, Second Hand Dealers etc.) can save for retirement
  • Flexible contributions
  • Normal Retirement age is 60 years (early/late retirement possible)
  • Members can withdraw from the scheme before retirement age subject to scheme rules.