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7, Olufunmilola Okikiolu Street Off Toyin Street, Ikeja Lagos State, Nigeria.

Investment Management Account

Interest rates are negotiable on funds more than #35,000,000

BETHSAIDA Investment Management Account is a service that focuses on giving investors better interest than the Central bank of Nigeria’s 91 and 182-day Treasury Bills and Banks Savings Accounts, and also creates a vehicle where the investment needs of individual or groups can be catered for in case of resignation, retirement, disability or death.


  • The applicable interest rate at anytime is always arrived at by applying a premium of at least 2% to the prevailing Nigerian Government Treasury Bill rate.
  • Interest rates are negotiable on funds more than #35,000,000.
  • No minimum amount.
  • Investments are merged on request.
  • Top up anytime.
  • Cash , Cheque, Bankers Draft or Bank Transfers accepted.


  • Upon maturity, principal and interest will automatically be rolled over unless instructed otherwise.
  • Investment can be re-discounted during any time of the investment tenor.
  • Statements are sent every quarter and are also available upon request.
  • Guaranteed interest rates.


  • One passport picture
  • A valid national ID.
  • A completed form.
  • An initial deposit.

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